As the self-owned milk powder brand of Sodiaal, a well-known dairy enterprise in France, Nactalia is operated by its nutrient production expert Nutribio with 100% made in France. The products are world-famous, being recognized as fine quality and trustworthy all over the world.

Nactalia milk powder (A series/Care series/Children/Mama) always holds on to the strict regulatory standards of Sodiaal's product. Based on the corporate strength with pure milk source from self-owned farms, Nactalia is developed, produced, packed and inspected in France, aiming at supplying the necessary nutrition for infants, kids, and pregnant women.

  • Nactalia A Series
  • Nactalia Care Series
  • Nactalia Children
  • Nactalia Mama
"Feeding Life Naturally"

Nactalia's power derives from committing to the nutritionally well-being of mum and kids. With the brand concept of "Feeding Life Naturally", Nactalia devotes itself to provide professional nutrient plan for the babies all over the world. Since 2013, Nactalia entered China's market with a continuously increasing sales revenue year by year and rapidly became one of the top import brands in China. Nactalia is welcomed and trusted by numerous Chinese mums due to 100% made in France, stable quality as well as excellent sales service.

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